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Actually, some herbal remedies can be dangerous, and a lot of people seem to function under the naive assumption that “if natural it me.” Uva ursi, one herbal remedy for kidney infections and UTIs can cause kidney damaged with prolonged use, the same with horsetail. of me wishes that there WERE some of monitoring in place, in so herbals and drug interactions could be understood and listed, so consumers who use herbals AND allopathic medications can be sure they accidentally themselves!

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Frank,Many of us would consider moving, but the value of the dollar against foreign currencies is our shackle. Move to Europe sale…Lose half your worth!

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I've been meaning to read Crown Duel! I'm glad you liked it. I'm currently reading three books (I know.. I'm nuts!): Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink (YA Paranormal), Anastasia's Secret by Suzanne Dunlap (YA Historical Fiction), and On the JEllicoe Road (YA realistic fiction). I'm loving the audio of On the Jellicoe Road. Makes me want to take my long trek to work more than usual.

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they were only allowing one flight through that particular corridor every 15 minutes and there are 4 planes in front of us so it will be at least an hour.That’s the other big difference between Chinese and British airlines. British airlines always tell you what’s going on. On the Chinese airlines the captains rarely ever say anything. They leave that to the flight attendants.If you want to know how to make money, send 50 USD to me and I’ll send you my very special guide to becoming rich.

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I’m with, Didi. The poetry contest lottery is a waste of time and money, especially when it comes to full-length manuscript contests. Chapbooks are usually a smaller entry fee, so less investment. There are so many fine presses with open reading periods. I know many MUST win a contest to inflate their ego or advance up the academic ladder, but if you’re in it for the art, why waste money?

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Rich/Grim: I posted this listing the other day, njmls #2906997.If this thing went under contract I will be utterly amazed. It appears to come on and off the market, with a couple of different realtors.Can you let me know when one of you guys get a chance. Thanks,

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mille mercis pour ce gentil commentaire, il me touche beaucoup. En Belgique, nous dînons aussi à l'heure du midi, nous soupons le soir et le matin, nous déjeunons... Je croyais que ce bol portait un nom particulier, je dois confondre avec les "bols à musique" japonais dont j'ai aussi oublié le nom, merci donc pour la précision et ... à bientôt

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Thanks everybody, really. Chris: The fuel conversion thing is really cool! how did you find it?? :)João: You’ve got mail :)Saites: I’ve no problems converting large numbers to binary… look . Can you please tell us something more? thanks.

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